Summer 2024 Collection

Vivid colors and dynamic textures, like dancing notes, orchestrate the symphony of art, guiding us into a broader, deeper realm of contemplation. Innovative designs that break traditional boundaries showcase brave challenges to artistic limits and endless exploration, presenting a new world brimming with infinite possibilities and creativity.


Follow your heart and explore mountains and gardens. Try to escape from the busy city rush and enter in a dreamy forest with trees and light. Feel the calm and healing from varied patterns and unique colors, rediscover passion and excitement, and approach present and future challenges with increased composure.


Roaming in the dynamic realm of everything, we are building a beautiful future filled with imaginative wonders. Various patterns and textures, along with a myriad of colors, intertwine to create a diverse, culturally blended, and layered world of healing where different eras come together.

Silmo 2023 Collection

Integrated astonishing patterns and unexpected colors, we weave a fascinating creative view. From green forest to colorful world, we use patterns, abundant colors and a variety of sheet designs to establish emotional connections with consumers, taking us into Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Best seller -Gradient

Gradient color can be found everywhere. The transition from bright to dark, deep to tint, one color to another is a process full of mystery, real, unique but fun.

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Lost in blue

We collect 60 blue tones into “ lost in blue “,which are best-seller colors. Blue is broad,and also the symbol of eternity, represents calm, rational and pure.

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Sample display - Block

Cellulose acetate standard color chips -JIMEI Blcok, consists of more than 200 block chips and rotating displays stand with a variety of colors and attractive appearance, which is easy to use.

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Create infinite possibilities in finite acetate sheet!
Finite sheet, infinite creativity, come and DIY your exclusive color!