Follow your heart and explore mountains and gardens. Try to escape from the busy city rush and enter in a dreamy forest with trees and light. Feel the calm and healing from varied patterns and unique colors, rediscover passion and excitement, and approach present and future challenges with increased composure.


Roaming in the dynamic realm of everything, we are building a beautiful future filled with imaginative wonders. Various patterns and textures, along with a myriad of colors, intertwine to create a diverse, culturally blended, and layered world of healing where different eras come together.

Silmo 2023 Collection

Integrated astonishing patterns and unexpected colors, we weave a fascinating creative view. From green forest to colorful world, we use patterns, abundant colors and a variety of sheet designs to establish emotional connections with consumers, taking us into Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Summer 2023 Collection

All the time, even if we do not realize, we are constantly surrounded by colors. Especially during Summer, when every color become bright and vivid. That is why we are keeping reflect the summer vibes into our sheets, in doing so we can integrate our eyesight with the dynamics of the reality that encircle our daily life.

Mido 2023 Collection

Not stopping in reality, but exploring in the future. The 2023 MIDO collections start to launch. Meet green, lead the environmental protection fashion, create colorful and unique sheets kaleidoscopes, which all add infinite visual charm.

2022 FW Collection

The scenery of four seasons turns and changes, the winding river and the rolling grassland are all integrated into one, releasing the infinite charm of autumn and winter. Along the road forward, meet the snow mountains of autumn, all vast in sight.

2022 Silmo Collection

Break the constraints, explore the art of light and shadow, and embrace the colorful world. Get close to nature and discover its beauty, integrating traditional classics from a modern perspective, showing the fashion and charm of acetate with exquisite craftsmanship, and start a new chapter.

2021 High Density Collection

A journey of exploration that integrates craftsmanship and aesthetics draws inspiration from it, which promotes the design of the acetate sheets to be more precise, solid and reliable.

2022 Spring Collection

Shuttling along the path of flowers, the earth is brand-new, with green grass and flowers everywhere, creating a unique atmosphere full of spring, and the breeze added spirit to the scene.

2022 Mido Collection

With the clue of "color, craft and form", it gathers inspiration from all things, continues the exploration of modern fashion, integrates the most exquisite contemporary craft and the most collision texture and color, and forms a perfect balance between design and art.

Best seller -Gradient

Gradient color can be found everywhere. The transition from bright to dark, deep to tint, one color to another is a process full of mystery, real, unique but fun.

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Lost in blue

We collect 60 blue tones into “ lost in blue “,which are best-seller colors. Blue is broad,and also the symbol of eternity, represents calm, rational and pure.

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Sample display - Block

Cellulose acetate standard color chips -JIMEI Blcok, consists of more than 200 block chips and rotating displays stand with a variety of colors and attractive appearance, which is easy to use.

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Create infinite possibilities in finite acetate sheet!
Finite sheet, infinite creativity, come and DIY your exclusive color!