Keep Original Aspiration, Reach New Heights

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From July 13-16,2022, The sales department of Jimei New Material holds the mid-year communication meeting with the theme of” Keep Original Aspiration, Reach New Heights”. The meeting is carried out in three parts: factory visit and study, symposium, and group activities. All the salesmen from Shenzhen headquarters, the Wenzhou branch, and the Jiangxi branch together participate in the meeting, during this time, they communicate and study with each other, witness the growth and share the joy.



Factory study tours and visits

On the morning of July 14th, led by the marketing director, Amy, all members of the marketing department walk into the factory, visit and understand the production process and process of Jimei's products closely.



At the laboratory, the engineer explained the method and principle of raw material testing and product testing to everyone in detail. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results and provide customers with high-quality products, the engineer said that each test in Jimei strictly followed the test standards and was tested with advanced equipment.



Then they come to visit the product R&D center and learn the color management database system: at present, jimei already has more than 80,000 color formulas, which can achieve the results of finding the color quickly, matching color accurately, reducing error, shortening the development cycle, improve the production efficiency and continuous development the new products.



Next, they visited the sample R & D center and the mold independent development center led by the development department. With the strong R&D support from the sample R & D center, Jimei can meet customer sample needs more efficiently and quickly. As we all know that the key to achieving the complex color and pattern is the mold, Jimei has developed a number of key molds independently after many years of development.



At last, led by Amy, the marketing director, they visited the color modulation, mix and dye, drying, extrusion, chipper, HD printing, and other workshops, and Amy also introduced the process and related principles of extrusion, block, and lamination for them. Everybody was completely absorbed in the teaching and noted down every key point.



After this more than three-hour visit and learn tour, all the salesman has a new understanding of the product advantages and product technology.



On July 16, the marketing department hold a symposium with the theme of “Keep Original Aspiration, share and communication” in the quiet and comfortable Spa villa.


At the symposium, Amy, the marketing director, expressed the recognition of the hard work of all their colleagues and thanks for their support and confidence in Jimei firstly. She said:” We are a strong team, some of you worked for Jimei for years, some of you join us when Jimei was just a child, and also some of you are the new strength of the team, I hope you can work together, learn from each other, progress constantly; I hope all of you can listen with your heart, listen to the customer and colleagues, and achieve the self-growth while achieving economic income”.



Then, for the whole work of 2022, they have made a detailed summary report and analysis of sales situation, customer analysis, product color adjustment, internal work, and so on.


Outstanding Employees


Next, it is the communication and sharing time! The sharing of their own successful sales case, team collaboration case, expressing their thanks to others, personal work reports, and so on are all meant for each other.



The three-hour symposium was short but meaningful.


Hot pot & Barbecue & Fun games

Playing team games is a really good practice of team spirit, after finishing several competitive team games, the team of the marketing department becomes more intimate, more united, and stronger.



In the end, time to enjoy the delicious--Hot pot and Barbecue.

Let's review those wonderful moments together!



Keep The Original Aspiration, Start Again

A successful conclusion

On July 16th, the 2022 midyear communication of the Jimei sales department drew to a successful close. Time flies, let’s struggle for a bright tomorrow!


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