ISCC PLUS Certification for Jimei Italy SRL

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In response to the requirements of global low-carbon and upgrading of industrial chain, not only Jimei China, but also Jimei Italy SRL achieved ISCC PLUS certification. 
Jimei to partner with Eastman on ISCC certified acetate renew product in JMS- Collection. The raw granule is composed of 60% bio based and 40% certified recycled content, which is sourced from renewable resources, diverting plastic waste from landfills and incinerators while reducing consumption of fossil feedstocks and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
That means acetate renew uses a 100% sustainable acetate flake and the production process follows the rule of mass balance by ISCC certified. Importantly, the performance of acetate renew is the same as regular one: the very same quality, warranties, specifications. 
Some of you already used acetate renew for your products produced in China via your cooperated vendors. Meanwhile, you may also run production for acetate renew eyewear in local Italy. 
Here share with you the ISCC PLUS certification for Jimei Italy SRL(click to download). Acetate renew sheets can be directly purchased from Jimei Italy now if there are demands. All Jimei standard regular acetates can be produced into acetate renew version without MOQ requests.
Should you have any questions, please contact us anytime. Thank you!

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