Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Led A Team to Visit JIMEI New Material

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On the afternoon of July 11th, under the theme of "extensive visits, symposiums, and in-depth investigations," Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Qiao Hengli led a team to visit JIMEI New Material, in order to gain a better understanding of the current situation and challenges facing the eyewear industry. In attendance were the associations chairman Chen Qiupeng, executive vice presidents Li Fenghua and Lin Ming, vice president Kang Zicheng, and secretary-general Cai Bin. The purpose of the meeting was to engage in a discussion, listen to the development needs of the enterprise, and facilitate the resolution of practical issues, providing targeted suggestions and recommendations for the industry's development.



During the meeting, various companies raised their concerns and the difficulties they were facing. They noticed that the eyewear industry is currently in a stage of positive development, but also highlighted several challenges. These challenges include the need for standardized import and export customs declaration, improvement in taxation policies, strengthening of training in business administration, and enhancing the management of production and property leasing. The companies expressed their hope that relevant government departments would continue to increase their support for the eyewear industry. Li Fenghua added that the problem of myopia in children is becoming increasingly severe, and he hoped that the government would take the lead in introducing industry standards and policies to prioritize the prevention and control of myopia in children and the field of optometry, ultimately reducing the myopia rate among children. Secretary-General Cai Bin pointed out that eyewear companies lack a systematic approach and funding to cultivate brand development. He also expressed the need for long-term guidance and continuous subsidies for participating in group exhibitions. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of continued support for the development of industry associations, including policy guidance, financial subsidies, and resource allocation.



The representatives present engaged in in-depth discussions and exploration regarding these issues. Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Qiao Hengli shared his opinions on the challenges facing the eyewear industry and expressed his call for enhanced collaboration between companies and relevant departments. He emphasized the importance of jointly promoting the development of the eyewear industry and providing a better development environment for it. Furthermore, he put forward three hopes.

Firstly, he hoped that the eyewear industry could transition from manufacturing for others to creating and developing in Shenzhen. Secondly, he urged the industry association to play a leading role in guiding member companies to strive for better resources and development opportunities. Lastly, he encouraged companies to leverage the enthusiasm for reform and innovation in Shenzhen, take advantage of technological innovation and reform, empower the traditional industry, and continuously enhance the value-added of their products.



During the meeting, Chen Qiupeng, the Chairman of the Shenzhen Eyewear Industry Association and Chairman of JIMEI New Material, expressed gratitude for the visit of Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee Qiao Hengli on behalf of the Shenzhen Eyewear Industry Association. He provided a brief introduction to the association's basic information and stated that the association will continue to play a bridging and coordinating role, strengthen communication and exchanges with the government, and jointly promote the healthy, stable, and sustainable development of the eyewear industry.


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After the meeting, a handover ceremony for the association's rotating chairmanship for the months of July and August took place. Executive vice president Lin Ming officially assumed the role of chairman during this period.



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