JIMEI Intelligent Manufacturing Factory Tops Off | Building JIMEI's New Home

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Adhere to original aspiration and forge ahead

The topping-out ceremony for the JIMEI Intelligent Manufacturing Factory made a complete success



On October 26, the capping ceremony of JIMEI Intelligent manufacturing factory was successfully completed, which is an important milestone in the development of JIMEI, marking a big step forward for the corporate vision of "the benchmark of global sheet metal suppliers.


Ceremony Site



At 10:00 AM on October 26th, the auspicious moment had arrived. Colorful fireworks soared, applause thundered, and the topping-out ceremony for the JIMEI Intelligent Manufacturing Factory officially kicked off! The JIMEI people at the scene followed Mr. Chen Qiupeng, chairman of JIMEI New Materials, to burn incense and pray for JIMEI, and jointly wished to become the industry benchmark and technical standards.


Later, amidst the sound of ceremonial cannons, the JIMEI people held shovels and together completed the final pour of concrete for the main project. This marks the beginning of a brand new chapter for JIMEI New Materials!



From a blueprint to the initial completion of the skyscraper, after more than 370 days and nights of construction and refinement, a brand new intelligent manufacturing factory is now appearing before us.



New home


JIMEI Intelligent Manufacturing Factory is located in Dazhou Community, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, with a total construction area of 54,669.02 square meters, consisting of 5 buildings, the highest of which is an 18-storey dormitory building. According to the plan, the factory is also equipped with staff canteen, sports ground, underground parking and other facilities, committed to creating a good office environment for employees, comfortable accommodation conditions.


Intelligent manufacturing Industrial Park


JIMEI intelligent factory is an important investment measure for the company to comprehensive consider the capacities of its own research and development and technology industrialization, industry development trends, marketing demands and other factors. It is expected to install in August 2024. On the basis of mastered mature and core technologies, JIMEI Intelligent manufacturing factory will introduce new equipment, research and develop new technologies, build new plant lines, and improve the production capacity and production efficiency of cellulose acetate sheets, in order to building an integrated industrial park that is intelligent, convenient, quality and efficiency.


The top of JIMEI Intelligent manufacturing factory is a new beginning for JIMEI New Materials. In the future, JIMEI will always provide customers with high-end products and quality services, and create a high-quality enterprise with social responsibility.

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