SILMO 2023 Comes to a Close | Lived up to its Reputation, a Perfect Finish

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The 4-day SILMO 2023 has concluded successfully, and JIMEI New Materials shines brightly at the finale. Let's take a look at the scene together!





This exhibition not only served as a reunion for JIMEI and our existing clients but also allowed us to make many new friends and welcome new opportunities.



During the exhibition, JIMEI staff engaged in enthusiastic discussions with customers.



The newly introduced Mono Case was a tremendous hit at this exhibition. The self-service single-color display wall featured a variety of colors, and many were quickly chosen by customers.





JIMEI New Materials, driven by innovative ideas and products, with a core vision of excellence, is committed to constant innovation and breakthroughs. We strive to create sheets that are more inspiring in design. Stay tuned for the surprises we will bring at SILMO 2024!




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