The Launching Ceremony of TikTok IP-”Henggang Vision , Enjoy Life “

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On Oct.12, 2020, the launching ceremony of TikTok IP“ Henggang Vision Enjoy life”was held in Henggang Glasses Fashion E-City. Su Zhicheng, chairman of Women’s Federation ; Zhuang Guodong , deputy director of Henggang district office ; Chen Qiupeng , president of Shenzhen Vision Association ; Li Huajun, executive vice President ; and the director Wang Fang attended the event. This Creation of TikTok IP was planned and shot by Henggang Street Office,  operated by Shenzhen Vision Association and Henggang Glasses Fashion E-City and other relevant departments, aiming to promote the brand of“ Henggang Eyewear“ and help the eyewear enterprises to broaden marketing channels.



The launching of TikTok IP is a breakthrough in promoting“Henggang Vision”through the new media platform , benefiting the eyewear enterprises in Shenzhen as well as the consumers and potential users of glasses . Through this new media platform ,eyewear enterprises could display variety of glasses , promote its own brand and expand sales channels; Consumers could know more information of glasses and the industry , learn the fashion outfit with glasses and buy from the platform directly .



At the ceremony , Zhuang Guodong , deputy director of Henggang district office , introduced the operation of the TikTok IP . The short Video produced by this IP has received over 1million praise with unexpected number of 130000 followers ,which has initially achieved the purpose of publicity and promotion . He expected more people home and abroad to know Henggang glasses with the continuously increasing data of likes and browsing. At the same time , this IP will also become the online window of Henggang glasses city, helping Henggang eyewear companies to seize the online sales opportunity .



Chen Qiupeng , president of the Shenzhen Vision Association , wished this TikTok IP opertaion a great success and hoped that this event could promote the brand to the public and help the eyewear enterprises to carry out branding. The Association has been trying to reach an online platform operation with some institutions , in the hope of broadening the marketing channel of eyewear companies and giving impetus to industrial transformation and upgrading .


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