Spectacle Frames-Cellulose Acetate Sheets Industry Standards Seminar 2021

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The Spectacle Frames-Cellulose Acetate Sheets industry-standard seminar held on April 22, 2021.

Sponsor: Spectacle Optics Sub-Technical Committee of National Photonics and Photonics Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC103/SC3)

Co-organizer: Shenzhen Jimei New Materials Co., Ltd.



Conference guests


Zhang Huaibao, Director of China Optical Standardization Center


Ye Jiayi, Director of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Glasses and Enamel Products


Cai Bin, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Optical Association


Wu Limei, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Jimei New Materials Co., Ltd

And 20 representatives from domestic glasses cellulose acetate sheets manufacturers and quality inspection agencies.


Meeting content


Sun Huanbao chaired the meeting, and Cai Bin made a speech.


Participants had a lively discussion on the necessity, forward-looking, and feasibility of the industry-standard revision of acetate glasses frames, as well as product benchmarking standards and industry development.


The main content of this meeting includes:


  1. 1. Processing methods of cellulose acetate sheets: Extrusion, Block, Lamination.
  2. 2. Requirements and inspection methods of acetate sheets: appearance, surface roughness, dimensional deviation, cracked layer (delamination), flame retardancy, light radiation resistance, shrinkage, temperature test, Shore hardness, Izod impact strength, bending Elastic Modulus.
  3. 3. Packaging and storage of cellulose acetate sheets:
  • Product packaging: use corrugated paper or others;
  • Storage: The product should be placed flat and stored in a ventilated, dry, moisture-proof room away from fire sources according to specific product requirements.
  1. 4. Packaging storage and identification of acetate sheets: product name, product model, product specification, manufacturer's name, or trademark.


Jimei New Materials


As the co-organizer of this conference, Jimei prepared a sample of cellulose acetate sheets and the materials needed for the meeting in advance.


During the period, the company's participants actively participated in the discussion and provided professional opinions, which promoted the smooth and successful holding of the seminar.


Group photo


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