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In order to strengthen the effectiveness of "party building and enterprise service", give full play to the leading role of party organizations in economic and social development, form a multi-level red enterprise service matrix, and lead the high-quality development of enterprises with party building. On September 20 (Wednesday), Yuanshan Street held a series of activities. Shenzhen Jimei New Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this activity.



Part 1

The first part of the activity was held in the Dakang Community Party and Mass Service Center, which was divided into the policy seminar for benefiting enterprises, the Shenzhen Glasses Fashion Activity Roadshow, the two new party members industry exchange salon, and the Dakang Community Fun Markets.



Part 2

In part2 of the activity, the unveiling ceremony of the Yuanshan Street Industry Federation of Industry and the awarding ceremony of the party building assistant in the glasses industry were held in Shenzhen Glasses Park, and interviews were held with representatives of glasses enterprises and designers to promote the upward development of the glasses industry.



During this period, the glasses carnival market stall activities were carried out, and flash shows, fashion road shows and glasses era shows were staged one after another, attracting the public to visit.



Jimei Booth

Thanks to the organizer of this event, JIMEI is honored to participate in it. At the JIMEI booth, the fashion accessories exhibited are deeply loved by the public with their creative design and exquisite quality.



Love accessories, love ourselves more. The successful conclusion of this stall marks a new step for the JIMEI jewelry brand. In the future, JIMEI accessories will meet you at more activities. Please look forward to it.


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