Wonder Begins With The Eyes-MIDO 2022

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The miracle of long-anticipated



As Giovanni Vitaloni, chairman of Mido has said in his welcome speech at the Mido 2022, “our long wait make a long-anticipated miracle of the glasses industry”. Mido can be said to be the engine of the eyeglasses and ophthalmology industries, and two years later, it is opened at 9:00 am on April 30, 2022(Italian time) finally.

Opening Ceremony

Mido 2022 is a top-notch eyeglasses feast. Affected by the epidemic, the scale of the Mido exhibition is not as big as before, but it is a meaningful year for the Mido exhibition.



Firstly, Mido 2022 is the first physical exhibition after 2019, Mido 2022 carried many expectations of industry insiders, and the successful hosting of Mido 2022 is really precious for the glasses market and industry.



Secondly, Mido is the world's largest industry event of scale and influence, in order to make up for failing to hold the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Mido international glasses exhibition in 2020 which was affected by the epidemic, the organizers specially invited the music master Ennio Morricone write the music of <Infinite Visioni> and was completed by brilliant Nnamdi Nwangu and Sofia Macinati those both come from the Parma Ballet Company。



Successful Mido

At this Mido exhibition, themed "wonder begins with the eyes" each big glasses brand and its designs have attracted wide attention. Many professional designers from various exhibitors explained the future trend of glasses with art.



As an important exhibitor, Jimei New Material always be in front of cellulose acetate fashion application and also make a wonderful presentation through our well-designed exhibits.


Jimi's highlights

Nothing is better than seeing and personally touching to feeling the charm of Jimei’s products; the best products of Jimei New Material can fully interpret the concept of “Personality, fashionable, colorful and practical”.



The hot spot atmosphere

Waiting for you at Hall22.H27.K30



The re-start of the Mido Physical exhibition is an exploratory way to restore the economy, it is also an exchange event of the glasses industry about the eyewear industry, technology, trends, and fashion.

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