Jimei New Material 2021 China International Optics Fair

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Jimei New Materials has participated in the 3-day 20th China (Shanghai) International Optical Industry Exhibition from May 6, 2021, to May 8, 2021.

Come and see what surprises we brought this exhibition?

Trendy New Products & Bold Innovation
Acetate frames show combining concepts & products
Jimei New Materials is always committed to being at the forefront of trends


Open Space, Immersive Experience



Classic Jimei LOGO Red
Highly recognizable
Open exhibition
Bring a sense of comfort to every guest


Meet Needs, Exceed Needs


High Density Collection

Lightweight, high density
Make the design of the optical eyeglasses more concise and delightful.



2021 Spring ESSN Collection

Environment-friendly, sustainable, safe and natural


Best Seller

Contains best-selling colours for different product types


Monocolors & Block Colors Rotating Stand

Has obtained a utility model patent certificate
Rich colours, unique textures, convenient colour selection



The first appearance of the application of cellulose acetate sheets in jewellery
Wide range of applications and cutting-edge design concepts


R&D, Giving More Possibilities to the Cellulose Acetate Sheets


Whether it is the design of acetate sheets or the collection of fronts, Jimei New Materials at this exhibition presented a satisfactory answer to the outside world.

Promoting the development of cellulose acetate sheets requires superior technology and continuous advancement in R&D and innovation capabilities. Jimei's R&D personnel have continuously been studying and researching this aspect, providing exhibitors with a product show full of fashion elements.


Live interaction



Finally, thank you for coming!

Although the exhibition is over, the innovation and persistence of Jimei New Materials are still going on. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us ASAP.

See you next time!

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