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Jimei held a Happy Summer Vacation function with the theme “Caring for the growth of staff offspring to create an enterprise home” on 23rd July, which was attracting many kids of staff to take part in it. There were some interesting activities like parent-child photographs, interaction games, sharing snacks and gifts, etc. During this function, kids can not only tour the working place of their parents but also be happier to add a dash of color for the wonderful vacation by feeling the harmony and warm atmosphere in Jimei. 

Parent-child photographs

It must be a wonderful memory for parents and their kids this summer through activity. 

Randomly interviewed

After introducing the basic process of the activity, the host interviewed several children randomly. Their self-introduction was full of childlike fun and the scene was full of laughter.


There are so many beautiful gifts for kids and their faces alight with a happy smile while playing games.

Games for little children

A quiz game named “What is in the zoo?” is for children under the age of 5, it helps children train their reaction, imagination, and courage while playing together.



Games for medium children

Games named “fight for chair” and “face guessing” are for children aged 5-10. They help train reaction, flexibility of bodies, positivity, and teamwork spirit. Children were challenged and happy while playing games. 


Games for teens

The game of “vital capacity competition” is for teens who are more than 10 years old. With the lead of the host, teens participated positively and were interested in it.


During Covid-19, there are few chances for children to go outside activities. Taking properly defensive measures, Jimei organized this function to enhance interaction between staff and their kids as well as between different departments. Importantly, kids also had a meaningful time this summer vacation. Jimei always cares for the growth of staff offspring to create an enterprise home.


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