2020, Thank you for you along the way! 2021,Take this journey with us again!

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Spring is when life's alive in everything. -Christina Rossetti 
Looking back to 2020, the year about epidemic,we see the downs and we see the lights from the tunnels as well.
All things through this epidemic crisis,
They have become more precious than ever.
Thank you for your company,
encourage us to move forward firmly.


It's the end and a new starting point.
Jimei will work hand in hand with you in the new year
The year is drawing to a close. We make a review——The 2020 we've been through side by side.



2020 We’ve been through the tough time



President of Shenzhen Optical Industry Association
Chen qiupeng, Chairman of Jimei Xincai,
He not only contributed personal strength but also initiated the entire Shenzhen Optical Industry Association members,
to raise materials and donations to the epidemic areas and bring them warmth to the front-line staff.
Through the strength of the association, a series of anti epidemic measures were carried out,
helping enterprises return to work and production——shows a high sense of social responsibility.




2020 We’re in orderly pace


At the beginning of March, we have fully resumed work,
and we resume the normal operation of the production line.
While ensuring the health and safety of employees, customers and partners,
We finish sales order on time according to quality and quantity.



2020 We strengthen security


Safety first, health first. Whether in food,
dormitory or fire field, safety should be strengthened.
We have a professional "food safety administrator"
for the safety to our JIMEI members——
to let us feel the warm like a home harbour all the time.


Longgang District Political Association Chairman cooperates with relevant leaders of Longgang Districtcame to Jimei,
guided our company to organize safety production for better.



2020 We are united and companionate




2020 We promoted our services.


To isolate the virus, but not the service.
we continue offline service as always,
at the same time, online services are also constantly strengthened.

Electronic Catalog:
During the epidemic period, most of the customers worked at home.
With the electronic catalog of products,
It can quickly and efficiently find the corresponding color,
See the whole series.
It’s not only practical, but also greatly improve the work efficiency!



Domestic and foreign platforms:
Continuous operations of online domestic and foreign platforms,
let the outside world know Jimei at multiple levels.
There are more pictures and videos to share in various forms,
satisfy the needs of more customers and partners.




2020 We will break through ourselves


New business section development
Jewelries, according to different designs,
can present a variety of styles.
It can be fashionable, trendy and exquisite
Explore the possibilities of jewelry design innovation.



Jimei Tiktok account
Sharing of pictures and videos,
Make it easier for customers to interact with us online;
Share product details and design ideas.



New official website launched
The new Jimei official website will take on a new look
More expectations, please pay attention!


Draw a beautiful picture,
A rainbow of seven colors,
cross 2020 and start a new journey in 2021.
We wave goodbye to 2020,
stride into the brave and resolute 2021.
In 2021, opportunities and challenges coexist.

We will work hand in hand and continue to ride with the wind and waves.

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