Promote the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the glasses industry

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The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should promote high-end, intelligent, and green development of the manufacturing industry. The spirit of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been implemented. Shenzhen adheres to the foundation of the manufacturing industry, consolidates its leading position in advantageous industries, works hard on upgrading industrial product technology, promotes the deep integration of related industries and the digital economy, and speeds up the construction of a modern industrial system.



The glasses industry is a traditional competitive industry in Shenzhen, with sales accounting for more than 60% of the global glasses market and exports involving more than 120 countries and regions. After years of development, Shenzhen's glasses industry has expanded from labor-intensive to an intelligent high-end industry, driving the joint transformation of upstream and downstream related industrial chains. Adhering to the concept of green development of the manufacturing industry, Shenzhen Jimei New Materials Co., Ltd. uses degradable acetate such as Cellulose, which not only improves the process but also ensures visual effects such as product color, texture, and pattern.



From the traditional OEM to the current self-owned brand, the Shenzhen glasses industry is going through a transformation and upgrading road from R&D to production. At present, the number of eyewear enterprises with independent brands in Shenzhen has risen rapidly to 200, and the number of eyewear designers has exceeded 200, ranking among the top in the country.

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