Meng Fanli came to our company to investigate

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Meng Fanli came to Shenzhen Jimei New Materials Co., Ltd., communicated with the main person in charge of the company, and learned more about the company's product research and development, design, business development, etc. He said that the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out the need to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, which pointed out the direction for us to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Hope that everyone will work hard on the upgrading of industrial product technology, and strengthen market promotion nationwide and globally, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and industry influence and appeal, and become stronger, better and bigger. In Longling Community, Buji Street, Meng Fanli inspected the community's epidemic prevention and control work, and listened to the introduction of the party building leading grassroots social governance and the comprehensive improvement of urban villages. He said that the report of the 20th National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the work of party building in urban communities and promote grassroots governance with party building. It is necessary to do a good job in community grid management, guide residents to personal protection, and tightly organize community prevention and control defense lines. It is necessary to strengthen the political and organizational functions of party organizations, build grassroots party organizations into strong battle fortresses, strengthen the function of party-mass service centers, allow more party members to play their role in the front line, and implement more measures that warm people's hearts and benefit people's livelihood. On the front line, we must earnestly handle the affairs of the masses, large and small.


Meng emphasized that all departments and units at all levels in Shenzhen should comprehensively and systematically study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress. The spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress has been implemented in all aspects of economic and social development. We must make every effort to do a good job in economic operation. Adhere to goal orientation, problem orientation, and result orientation, seize the remaining 40 days of this year with high morale and a strong sense of responsibility, and pay close attention to every indicator, industry, field, and every key enterprise to do the work more meticulously. Go deeper and more solidly, do a good job every day, strive to achieve better results, and lay a solid foundation for next year. We must base ourselves on the present and seek long-term development. Strengthen forward-looking thinking, overall planning, and overall advancement, broaden horizons, improve realm, closely combine the actual conditions and industrial characteristics of each district, base on its own advantages, identify its own positioning, optimize the stock, expand the increment, and further explore and cultivate cities The toughness and elasticity of the economy should be actively researched and established to help hedging fluctuations and self-balancing measures to form the ability and mechanism to ensure stable growth, so as to realize the current development results and the long-term development with sufficient stamina. We must speed up the construction of a modern industrial system. Fully understand that both traditional industries and emerging industries are part of the modern industrial system, and the manufacturing and service industries together support Shenzhen's economic development. Vigorously implement the "Industry Upstairs" high-quality factory space construction plan, provide enterprises with high-quality, low-cost, customized factory space, take the two paths of internal cultivation and external attraction, make good use of the two powers of innovation and capital, and focus on technology Two methods of reform and addition will be adopted to accelerate the construction of an important global advanced manufacturing center centering on the upgrading of traditional industries and the growth of emerging industries. Build a new system of high-quality and efficient service industry, promote the deep integration of modern service industry with advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture, and continuously cultivate new industries, new technologies, new formats and new models. We must Pay close attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. Completely, accurately, and comprehensively implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, conscientiously implement the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and the work deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and implement the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan and twenty optimization measures by relying on small details. We will do all epidemic prevention and control work in a scientific and precise manner, weave a tight network of regular epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely win the battle.

Leaders of Shenzhen Municipality Tao Yongxin participated in the investigation.

Source: Shenzhen Special Zone News, Shenzhen Publishing, Shenzhen Longgang Publishing

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