Focus on Environmental Protection| JIMEI's trip with XMIOF ended successfully.

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On November 26, 2022, XMIOF came to a successful conclusion!


XMIOF 2022 held the first fashion trends conference. With "green science and technology, fashion art" as the keynote, the green forest told the sustainable fashion environmental issues, which pushed the atmosphere of the exhibition to the climax.


Exhibition Spot



Exhibition Review


The green and low-carbon ESSN acetate, renew acetate, high-end accessories, and other products displayed by JIMEI New Materials are highly consistent with the theme of the fashion trend conference. They have received much attention and recognition from customers.


In this exhibition, JIMEI New Materials with refreshing product display and active professional service to the customers brought a fruitful experience. Let's take a look at the wonderful presentation in the JIMEI booth!


Comes from nature and returns to nature


JIMEI promotes green, low-carbon, and sustainable development. ESSN® sources from plants and uses environment-friendly plasticizers from plants.

BPA-free, an ECO biodegradable material.

JIMEI Eco-friendly showcase


Promote Sustainable Development & Create A Low-carbon Future


JIMEI participates with Eastman on the acetate renew sheet, which has appropriate 28% ISCC-certified recyclable ingredients, reduces environmental damage, and carbon emissions, and promotes economic circulation.


In-depth negotiations, to build sustainable development of green supply chain ecology together.


The Accessory world is wonderful because of you


Compared with other materials, cellulose acetate sheet is more eco-friendly and skin-friendly, applied in accessories, and the wearer's skin touch won’t have a cold feeling, rather than a product with warm.


Jimi's beautiful accessories are particularly eye-catching


Be your best choice


A good product is inseparable from the cooperation of the team, also the customer's support and trust as always. Thank every friend who came to visit our booth, and thank all the staff for their silent dedication!



The exhibition is over, the wonderful just began

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