Mido 2022 , We are Here Waiting for You !

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A lot of things seem to have slowed down because of the pandemic. Even so, we believe that many people have been quietly efforts. Some people try to live, try to work hard, and some try to improve themselves. The epidemic will not stop everyone's determination to make progress and It also can not stop us from pursuing fashion.



Mido 2022, We are Here Waiting for You!


The Mido 2022 exhibition, originally scheduled for February, had been rescheduled from April 30, 2022, to May 2, 2022, due to the government's new epidemic prevention policy. The 2022 exhibition has been through a lot of twists and turns. Even so, there are still many people looking forward to this exhibition.


This is the first on-site exhibition after missing two exhibitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an important reunion for the eyewear industry. We, Jimei New Material, will bring our new products to attend Mido 2022.


Mido is one of the largest eyewear exhibitions in the world, enjoying a high reputation in global industries. Mido exhibition is recognized by the fashion industry as a grand event to guide the fashion trend of global eyewear consumption. Jimei new material will display our new products at Hall22 H27, K30, welcoming new and old customers to exchange fashion trends and choose favorite products!


Discover the Beauty and Fashion of Acetate Sheets


Despite the fact that it was held far away in Milan, and despite the possible impact of the pandemic on this exhibition, We shouldn’t miss the splendor of this global fashion exhibition. we'll share more information here. The latest eyewear trend will be born in this exhibition. This trend is worth exploring together. It is important to follow the trend and catch up with the fashion.


This exhibition will be displayed and served by our colleagues from The Italian branch. In the next three days, we will introduce three new product series carefully prepared by us. Do not blink! The following are our new product videos specially recorded for Mido 2022. let us browse the beauty and fashion of acetate sheets.


Mido 2022 Natural



Mido 2022 Fashionable



Mido 2022 Classic



After watching these wonderful videos, beautiful, right?do you want to continue to watch? Jimei New material will continue to follow up Mido 2022 and share more information of this fashion feast. Stay tuned!


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