Jimei New Material Donated 500,000RMB to Henan Province

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There has been severe flooding in the central Chinese province of Henan since July 20, damaging roads, electric power, communication facilities, etc.

Love exists in Jimei though the flood is relentless

Qiupeng Chen, President of Shenzhen Glasses Industry Association, Chairman of Shenzhen Jimei New Material Co., LTD., and Honorary President of Longgang Charity society, donated 500,000RMB to Henan, taking urgent action to support Henan to relieve the flood disaster. 



Let’s fight the flood and provide relief together

"It's really saddening to hear the news about flooding in Henan Province.” Said Mr. Chen, the chairman of Jimei New Material. “When difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere. We should contribute our modest means to help people in disaster areas to come through.

Mr. Chen is concerned about the flooding situation all the time and donates funds to the disaster area that he could. Meanwhile, in virtue of the Shenzhen Glasses Industry Association, he calls upon other enterprises to make efforts to support Henan as much as possible. 



“Creating value and giving back to our community” is always the mission and tradition in Jimei. No matter during Covid-19 or flooding, Mr. Chen advocates donating funds and supplies as a lead through the Shenzhen Glasses Industry Association. Under his leadership, Jimei is always enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, taking actual actions and promoting charity.

Henan refueling, China refueling!

We believe that a drop of kindness will create a warm current of love, pass on the heat of life to each other and find rays of hope. Socially responsible entrepreneurs like Mr. Chen are needed. Leading by Mr. Chen, Jimei stays true to its cause and sticks together to help each other and overcome difficulties.   

Hope there are more people who can take part in public benefit activities to help others who are in need as much as possible. Let’s hand in hand, heart by heart to meet challenges together! 

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